Teams are built for creating results.

It’s an exhilarating experience to be part of a Leadership Team that fires on all cylinders, where uncommon trust and support provides the basis for the robust conversations that lead to extra-ordinary engagement, innovation and results.

All too often however, inefficient or conflicted team dynamics can grind the best of intentions to a halt. When unproductive team dynamics are left to ‘resolve themselves’, they often jeopardize the very results everyone is trying hard to achieve. Frustration, politics, inefficiency, bad decisions, missed opportunities and lost business often ensue.

Synthesis works with Leadership Teams to unleash their ‘Team Genius’ – that sweet spot where a team’s intentional efforts to co-create results brings forth the team’s greater ‘collective wisdom’ and ‘creative intelligence’, essential for problem solving, innovation and keeping your leading edge.

Unleashing a Team’s Genius calls for all team members to move beyond individual agendas and toward the greater good of the team and the organization. We help team members to consciously bring their gifts to the team’s table, re-focus their reactive tendencies, be responsible and intentional about their impact and commit to robust practices that bring out the best in themselves, the team, and the organization as a whole.

Synthesis offers tailor-made Team Coaching & Facilitation solutions as well as individual Leadership Development Coaching & Training to support Leadership Teams in moving from auto-pilot to Team Genius. When teams operate at this level of consciousness and intentionality, game changing results and positive impact for all stakeholders can be created and sustained.