For Leaders

Being part of the Leadership Team of your organization requires you to not just be a good leader of your department, but also a great team player, capable of collaborating with other executive team members in constructive and co-creative ways.

Leading a team and Leading AS a team call for quite different ways of showing up as a leader, both equally important. Creating a vision for your leadership of your team/department/division and creating a vision for your participation in the Leadership Team are important steps in being intentional about your leadership – engaging with leadership as an honor that comes with responsibility, rather than merely a sense of status that you have arrived.

Our individual coaching work with Leaders is focused on helping leaders create a step change in their leadership impact. With the help of an all-encompassing 360 feedback tool, called the Leadership Circle Profile, you gain actionable insight on how you are perceived as a leader, your key strengths and creative contributions, and what blind spots and reactive tendencies get in the way of making your greatest impact in the team. We also explore how you can flex your leadership style and strengthen your emotional resilience so that you can be a more robust team player and steadfast leader, intentional about creating environments where people and their talents can thrive in service of the greater vision and the greater good.

In this spirit we have 3 distinct offerings for individual leaders:

  • Executive Coaching – a 4 to 6 month program using the Leadership Circle Profile
  • Team Leadership Training – a training for leaders to bring out the best in their teams
  • Vision Day for Leaders – a 1-day coaching intensive for leaders to create or fine-tune a compelling vision for their leadership in the year or next chapter ahead