Executive Coaching

This 4 – 6 month program is offered as a stand alone as well as in conjunction with Team Genius Coaching program. The coaching focuses on strengthening 3 different aspects of leadership: leading yourself, leading others and leading WITH others. Each of these leadership competencies are key to being a successful leader of your organization and require a different, yet complementary set of mindset, skills and behaviors. Learning how to move between these aspects of leadership and increasing your range empowers you to bring more of your gifts to your teams (and your life).

Our Executive Coaching programs include a comprehensive 360 feedback tool called the Leadership Circle Profile that gives you a reflection of how you are being experienced and perceived by the colleagues you work with on these different dimensions of leadership. Through owning your strengths and accepting your blind spots, we support you to re-direct energy stuck in reactive patterns toward your greater creative contribution, so that your leadership effectiveness gets accelerated, your personal level of fulfillment can soar and your leadership team can profit from your positive contributions.