Our Approach

There are few things more rewarding in the world of work than being part of a team that fires on all cylinders and creates extraordinary, meaningful results together. What is the secret to extraordinary results? We call it ‘Team Genius’.

‘Team Genius’ is the “distinctive spirit” or “natural creative capacity” inherent in the team’s collective DNA that “exerts a great influence”. (Webster dictionary). We think of Team Genius as the team’s Ignited Mind – the place from which innovations, inspired solutions and decisions can flow.

When the Team’s Genius is free to shine through, the team excels and its members experience the exhilaration of being in an upward spiral of inspiration, flow and success.

Teams unleash their Genius by creating the conditions that allow that Genius to come to the fore. These conditions don’t happen by accident. They require intentionality and discipline.



The Synthesis approach supports teams to create the ‘Team Genius’ conditions for success, focusing on four synergistic disciplines.


Inspiration is the birthplace of creativity, possibility thinking and idea generation. It is the life-blood, the heart beat of any team and organization. An inspired mind is an ignited mind, a place from which creative thinking, innovation and inspired solutions can flow naturally.

Inspiration is also the source of individual and collective enthusiasm, the state where we feel connected to something larger than ourselves. Ideally therefore, the team’s or organization’s Mission is a compelling expression emanating from Inspiration, an expression that motivates everyone to wholeheartedly engage in its manifestation. An inspired, compelling mission gives meaning and direction to the results the team is charged to achieve together.

The team must also be clear on, and motivated by a vision that fires them up. And a set of values that guides the way they operate—as leaders, and as a team.

Sustainably productive teams are teams that know how to intentionally create and maintain the conditions for Inspiration to flow naturally and freely and so unleash the Genius that exists in the whole that is greater than the sum of the parts.


Accountability is a natural outcome of genuine inspiration. It is a discipline of aligning with the mission, vision and values—of holding to true north. It is ownership. It is follow-through. It is making clear agreements and keeping them. It is facing the facts and being honest. Accountability is commitment in action.

When there is true alignment and ownership, rather than the false consensus, accountability thrives. Not the kind of accountability that shows up in command and control leadership or ‘checking up on each other’, but rather the accountability where team members account for themselves and positively support each other to deliver on collective agreements and goals, arising from a compelling mission, vision and values.

Inspiration without accountability is empty. Accountability without inspiration is meaningless. But inspiration put into action through accountability drives extraordinary results.

Constructive Conversations

Inspiration into action cannot happen without constructive conversations. When team members master the art and discipline of talking to each other in constructive ways, they clear the way for Team Genius. When they don’t—when people are working from different or hidden agendas, holding unspoken grievances, and leaving elephants in the middle of the room—results suffer.

Teams that master the discipline of constructive conversation are able to wisely and proactively address strategic direction, while creatively and intelligently handle the fires that inevitably flare up.

The best teams make all issues discussable. They listen with respect, and encourage a diversity of opinion and vigorous debate. They minimize blame and criticism. They challenge limiting assumptions and make room for creative ideas. They move from a silo mentality to operating as one team. They consciously create the conditions for a larger perspective and greater wisdom to trump narrow individual agendas.


Trust is the make or break ingredient for any extraordinary team. Everything else depends on it. Without trust—inspiration, accountability and constructive conversations just don’t take hold. The team environment becomes toxic, and it’s difficult to get anything worthwhile done.

Trust is built on vulnerability, authenticity and empathy. It is built on people knowing and respecting each other as human beings. People seeing and appreciating the talents, qualities and skill sets they each bring. And giving direct feedback for the purpose of building each other up, not tearing each other down.

Trust is a discipline. It takes attention to master and build. And is easy to tear down. Trust is an integral part of accountability and constructive conversation. Without trust, inspiration falls flat at best, and invites cynicism at worst.

Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies

The process of unleashing Team Genius – and getting extraordinary results – requires each member of the team taking personal responsibility for how they are contributing to or detracting from the most conducive conditions for the team’s success.

Through Leadership Development Coaching, we help team members become aware of their habitual behaviors and reactive tendencies, and support them in making an intentional shift to focus on creative competencies that take them closer to fulfilling the team’s mission, vision, values and desired results.

When teams and their leaders shift from a reactive to creative stance, exciting, synergistic breakthroughs can occur.