Team Diagnostic™ Retreats

Periodically it’s important for teams to take a ‘Time-Out’ to identify and review what is working and what’s not with a commitment to ‘raise their game’.

In a nutshell

The Team Diagnostic™ Retreat is a 2-day team retreat to do just that – to appraise the team’s strengths and challenges and create a consciously designed blueprint for a new way forward toward greater synergy and desired results. We custom-design each team retreat on the basis of results from a comprehensive Team Diagnostic™ Assessment.

The Team Diagnostic™ Assessment is the state-of-the-art, whole-team assessment tool we use to provide teams with an x-ray vision of their performance on 14 different dimensions of researched and proven health factors of sustainable high performing teams. These 14 dimensions fall in 2 key categories:

  • Productivity (what the team accomplishes)
  • Positivity (the team culture within which results are delivered)

The Team Diagnostic™ approach is unique in that it measures performance of the team as a whole, not as a collection of individuals. This ‘system’s approach’ involves a team mindset shift that provides a more effective ground for improved performance.

The results of the assessment provide a snapshot of where the team is now and illuminates the way ahead for sustainable high performance.

A follow-up assessment 4-6 months later can provide very valuable measurable feedback in terms of shifts the team has made.

For more information on the methodology of the Team Diagnostic™ Assessment, please click here.

To see a sample of some of the graphics from the Team Diagnostic™ Assessment report, please click here.

Program outline

The 2-day Team Retreat comprises the following elements:

  • Online Team Diagnostic™ Assessment completed by all team members
  • Interviews with all team members
  • 2-day custom-designed off-site retreat to debrief results and address key issues through experiential exercises, team dialogue and personal reflection
  • A team action plan


  • Celebrate team success and leverage strengths
  • Identify areas where the team wants to improve
  • Develop a common language
  • Strengthen respect, understanding and trust
  • Engage in ‘essential conversations’ that deal constructively with the real issues and elephants in the room
  • Create a compelling vision and ground for team collaboration

Team Diagnostic Retreat for Cross-organizational Team/partnerships

Clients and their business partners (communication agencies, consultants, funders and suppliers of services for example) make up a unique kind of team. Especially when the stakes are high, effective collaboration is the key to mutual success and satisfaction.

Sadly at times these relationships can seem to go off the rails…disappointed expectations, power dynamics, limiting assumptions and less than optimal inter-personal relationships can undermine the smooth functioning of such business-critical partnerships.

The Team Diagnostic™ Retreat can be specifically designed for working with cross-organizational teams to intentionally create the foundations and practices for a business partnership designed for mutual success, accountability and enjoyment. Whether at the beginning of the business partnership or when already established, the Team Diagnostic™ Off-site offers a mindset shift with potentially huge pay-offs: to operate as ONE team!