Team Genius Coaching

In a nutshell

This is a 6+-month Team Coaching program where we practically support Leadership Teams to:

  • Identify and address the personal and collective behaviors that can get in the way of the Team’s Genius
  • Identify and strengthen the mindsets, skills and practices that cultivate the team’s collective wisdom, creative intelligence and generative capacity

The result is the team moving into a new mode of being – where there is palpable respect and trust; an embrace of challenging conversations that lead to fresh solutions; and a more effective team operating system that gets better results with greater ease and an collaboration.

We custom-design each Team Genius Coaching program on the basis of results from a comprehensive Team Diagnostic™ Assessment.

Team Diagnostic™ Assessment

The Team Diagnostic™ Assessment is the state-of-the-art, whole-team assessment tool we use to provide teams with an x-ray vision of their performance on 14 different dimensions of researched and proven health factors of sustainably high performing, extra-ordinary teams. These 14 dimensions fall in 2 key categories:

  • Productivity (what the team accomplishes)
  • Positivity (the team culture within which results are delivered)

The Team Diagnostic™ approach is unique in that it measures performance of the team as a whole system, not merely a collection of individuals. This ‘system’s approach’ involves a team mindset shift that provides the basis for sustainable improved performance.

The results of the assessment provide a snapshot of where the team is now and illuminates the way ahead. A follow-up assessment 6+ months later provides valuable and measurable feedback in terms of shifts made by the team.

For more information on the methodology of the Team Diagnostic™ Assessment, please click here.

To see a sample of some of the graphics from the Team Diagnostic™ Assessment report, please click here.

Sample program outline

The Team Genius Coaching program is made up of a mixture of the following elements:

  • Online Team Diagnostic™ Assessment (TDA) completed by all team members
  • Interviews with all team members as well as other important stakeholders in the organization (and outside it) to get a perspective on how the team is perceived and experienced
  • 2-day custom-designed off-site retreat to debrief TDA results and address key issues through experiential exercises, team dialogue and personal reflection
  • A team action plan for change
  • Monthly custom-designed team-coaching sessions with focus on relevant Team Genius skill development
  • Leadership Coaching sessions for individual members to transform reactive tendencies and re-focus on creative competencies, using the Leadership Circle Profile instrument
  • 1-day ‘end-of-program’ Team ‘fast forward’ Retreat: repeat Team Diagnostic Assessment to measure and celebrate team progress and plan next steps


Identify the team’s self-perception on its functioning AND contrast it with people’s perspectives outside the team

  • Identify and leverage the team’ s existing strengths
  • Identify areas where the team wants/needs to improve
  • Create a compelling vision for team collaboration
  • Strengthen and co-create the foundations for understanding, respect and extra-ordinary trust
  • Constructively engage in essential conversations that deal with the real issues and ‘elephants in the room’ that need problem solving or innovation
  • Access Inspiration that translates into compelling Vision and Values that get put in practice for the team and the organization
  • Build empowering skills in areas such as constructive dialogue, joint decision-making, motivating accountability, constructive feedback and appreciation
  • Harvest the team’s diverse perspective to deepen the collective wisdom and greater creative intelligence that bring forth inspired solutions and decisions
  • Measurable results: a comparison report of the Team Diagnostic Assessment success factors identifying improvements made over the period