Our Mission

To inspire and empower leadership/executive teams committed to the ‘triple bottom line’ of People, Planet and Profit to create intentional team environments that optimize high quality collaboration resulting in inspired solutions, sustainable high performance and measurable results that matter in service of their mission.

We do this by facilitating experiential and engaging Team Coaching Retreats and Team Leadership Development Trainings that focus on building constructive team membership skills, designed to unleash the collective ‘genius’ in the team.


Our Inspiration

The work of Synthesis rises directly out of a powerful drive each of us feels to make a positive difference in the world. In working with leaders and teams, we are answering a call that has everything to do with people getting better results in every aspect of their lives. And also everything to do with the power and promise of co-creative collaboration – not only for the companies we work with, but also for the larger world in which we operate.

We believe that when people come together as intentional teams, collaborating with purpose, magic can happen. Deeper insights, inspired solutions and innovative results become more easily accessible. Such solutions, and the energy to put them into action, go beyond what any one person could ever fully envision or achieve alone.

With the vast challenges on the planet today, there has never been a greater need for the kinds of solutions that can only be generated by people intentionally creating an environment where inspiration, wisdom and creativity can flourish.

The process of collectively accessing the magic, generative flow of creative intelligence (we call ‘team genius’) has the potential to offer everyone involved the deep human satisfaction of giving their gifts, talents and energy to something greater than themselves.

What an opportunity we have then, in the world of work and service, to impact the very fabric of society through our collective endeavors! What if leadership teams move just 20% higher on the scale of team genius, unleashed? What if people feel just that much better about coming to work? What if they truly enjoy the process of devising inspired solutions, with positive impact on profit, people and our planet? What if they carry over their capacity for co-creation to other aspects of their lives? We believe that it is impossible to learn the skills of being a powerful intentional team member without also becoming a better partner, parent, friend and community member.

We believe the ripple effect will be powerful. People will more deeply appreciate their interdependence. They will choose co-creation over polarization, because it’s more fun, more inspiring, more productive and more profitable. They will want to be part of the solution, not the problem caused by brittle egos and politics that plague so many of our systems today. They will support their collective desire to create solutions for the benefit of all.

So ultimately this is why we’re in the game we’re in. Our triple bottom line is inspired results, enjoying life, and being a force for good in the world.