For Teams

In leadership development, we most often learn to lead ourselves and our teams. These are essential skills needed to be an impactful and successful leader. Yet most leadership development overlooks the essential ingredient needed at the level of Leadership Teams – the skills and practices that enable us to ‘lead AS a team’.

‘Leading AS a team’ requires new mindsets, skills and behaviors – practices at odds with what created our individual success in the past. ‘Leading AS a team’ requires an extra-ordinary ability for collaboration that moves beyond individual agendas and into the realm of co-creation.

This step-change into co-creative leadership is often left to chance and can result in silos and inefficiencies at best and debilitating frustration and dysfunction at worst – frustrating not only the team itself, but negatively impacting the organization’s culture, results and stakeholders.

Our coaching work with Leadership Teams is aimed at creating healthy team dynamics and practices, so that the Team’s Genius can be harnessed and productivity, positivity, engagement and innovation flow naturally to create results that matter.

Our solution

We tailor all of our Team Coaching programs to our clients’ unique needs, because all teams are unique and have a unique set of opportunities and challenges to embrace.

We work predominantly with Leadership Teams who are:

  • newly forming and want to ‘hit the ground running’
  • ready established, and want to unleash the potential they know is there but is not yet manifest in daily practice
  • in transition – dealing with leadership changes, mergers, change of responsibilities and more

We believe change is a process, not an event. Therefore we work with Leadership Teams over a period of 6 month or more to help create the team infrastructure and relationships that enable the team to discover and maintain its Team Genius sweet spot, so they can produce the results they desire.

We also believe in the power of accountability. In our work with Leadership Teams we use concrete team and business success indicators to measure the team’s real progress over time. Measuring progress has the powerful impact of engaging and motivating the team to follow through on change initiatives, moving personal and team insights beyond the ‘feel good factor’ into lasting impactful behavior.

Here is a flavor of the type of programs we have run for clients: