Unleashing Team Genius

Genius: “distinctive spirit or natural creative capacity…. exerting a great influence….”
– Collins English Dictionary

When teams excel – and their genius shines through – it’s exhilarating. It’s a deeply satisfying experience to be a vital part of something greater than ourselves, achieving meaningful results with others. Teams firing on all cylinders bring out the best in everyone and ignite an upward spiral of success building on success.

On the other hand, we all know the downward spiral that can be created by:

  • People putting their individual agendas over the team’s results
  • Discussion of real issues avoided in order to ‘keep the peace’
  • Stress build-up erupting into blame, defensiveness and finger pointing
  • Unproductive and tedious meetings
  • ‘Good’ excuses taking the place of of being accountable for results
  • Lack of fresh thinking and initiative – people stuck in a rut
  • False consensus leading to sub-optimal decisions and actions
  • And more…

Left unaddressed these team dysfunctions tend to result in inefficiency, frustration, missed deadlines, lost business, burn-out, employee turnover and poor results …

Our solution

We tailor all our work with teams to our clients’ unique needs. And we offer 3 different types of programs to support you addressing issues that get in the way of your team’s collective Genius:

  • Team Diagnostic™ Retreat
  • Executive Team Genius Coaching
  • Team Genius Trainings