Team Genius Trainings

If teams are the life-blood of an organization and effective collaboration is vital to results, then shouldn’t we each know how to collaborate effectively to deliver inspired solutions and great results? Is it OK to keep our fingers crossed hoping that the business-critical collaborative effort will simply happen on its own?

All too often the personal and collective skills of leading and participating in collaboration are not consciously developed. And so they become ‘hit-or-miss’ experiences. When it’s a ‘hit,’ creative capacities flourish and inspired results can flow, when it’s a ‘miss,’ reactive tendencies undermine everyone and the results delivered.

At Synthesis we believe that taking the ‘hit-or-miss’ aspect out of collaboration is a crucial investment in optimal business performance and a vibrant, healthy culture. We believe that not just the team leader, but all team members share responsibility for being catalysts for a successful and satisfying collaborative effort. We also believe this requires dedicated training in the mindsets and skills, personal and collective, of co-creating healthy collaboration.

If your organization is committed to strengthening the effectiveness of its team culture, we offer Team Genius Training modules around key skills required to strengthen productivity and positivity in the team. Some popular topics include:

  • The power of listening
  • Building trust
  • Leading effective and compelling meetings
  • Engaging ‘essential conversations’ to harvest team wisdom
  • Managing conflict constructively for creative breakthroughs
  • Possibility thinking and assumption busting
  • Effective decision-making
  • Accountability