Team Leadership Training

Synthesis offers stand-alone workshops as well as integrated training programs for team leaders on the three key aspects of leadership: leading yourself, leading your team and leading WITH others.

All our programs are highly experiential and work with applying learning and insights gained on the training to real life leadership challenges of the participants. The workshops include teaching pieces, exercises, activities, personal reflection and small and large group dialogue to stimulate practical application and integration of key concepts.

Leading yourself:

This workshop focuses on bringing out the best in yourself as a leader. We start by getting clear on your desired impact as a leader and what gifts and natural skills you bring to the table, for your team and your organization. We then explore how to build your emotional resilience, optimize your personal effectiveness and re-direct energy invested in unproductive, reactive tendencies toward more effective behaviors and leadership strategies that benefit you and everyone else.

Leading your team:

This workshop is dedicated to help you bring out the best in others that you lead. We look at how you can expand your range as a leader through becoming aware of different leadership styles and when and how to use them. Here we explore skills on how to develop and coach your people, set people up for success, handle conflict and address under-performance and create an intentional team climate that brings out the best in everyone.

Leading WITH others:

This workshop focuses on identifying and activating the mindsets and skills of being an effective collaborator on the leadership team with a view to unleashing the Team’s collective Genius. Moving beyond our personal agendas for success, we look at what it takes to successfully co-create results, building on everyone’s contribution. We teach practices that support you to strengthen trust, constructively problem solve and innovate together and transform conflict into greater collective wisdom. We also help you design more effective meetings and clear decision-making processes so that the team as a whole can be at its most effective, productive and inspired.

This program can be even more impactful and transformational when combined with Executive Coaching between models and starting the training with a 360 Leadership Circle Profile.