Executive Team Genius Coaching

Many executive teams are facing unprecedented challenge and opportunity. With mergers, globalization, growing competition, innovative marketing and shifting markets, executive teams are being asked to kick into a higher gear to achieve greater or different results.

This is where partnering with us becomes an invaluable investment. Our work together builds a new platform from which the executive team operates at a higher level, consistently accessing its ‘Team Genius’ – the flow of creative intelligence inherent in the team that can produce fresh thinking and breakthrough solutions.

In a nutshell

The Executive Team Genius Coaching program is a 6+-month coaching program where we practically support Executive Teams to achieve sustainable high performance by:

  • identifying and then addressing the personal and collective tendencies that can get in the way of the Team’s Genius
  • identifying and strengthening the mindsets, skills and practices that cultivate the team’s creative and generative capacity

The result is the team moving into a new mode of being – where there is palpable respect and trust; an embrace of difficult conversations that lead to fresh solutions; and a more effective operating system that gets better results with greater ease and an collaboration.

We custom-design each Coaching program on the basis of results from a comprehensive Team Diagnostic™ Assessment.

Team Diagnostic™ Assessment

The Team Diagnostic™ Assessment is the state-of-the-art, whole-team assessment tool we use to provide teams with an x-ray vision of their performance on 14 different dimensions of researched and proven health factors of sustainably high performing teams. These 14 dimensions fall in 2 key categories:

  • Productivity (what the team accomplishes)
  • Positivity (the team culture within which results are delivered)

The Team Diagnostic™ approach is unique in that it measures performance of the team as a whole, not as a collection of individuals. This ‘system’s approach’ involves a team mindset shift that provides a more effective ground for improved performance.

The results of the assessment provide a snapshot of where the team is now and illuminates the way ahead. A follow-up assessment 6+ months later provides valuable and measurable feedback in terms of shifts the team has made.

For more information on the methodology of the Team Diagnostic™ Assessment, please click here.

To see a sample of some of the graphics from the Team Diagnostic™ Assessment report, please click here.

Program outline

The Executive Team Genius Coaching program is made up of a mixture of the following elements:

  • Online Team Diagnostic™ Assessment (TDA) completed by all team members
    Interviews with all team members
  • 2-day custom-designed off-site retreat to debrief TDA results and address key issues through experiential exercises, team dialogue and personal reflection
  • A team action plan
  • Monthly custom-designed team-coaching sessions with focus on relevant Team Genius skill development
  • Leadership Coaching sessions for individual members to transform reactive tendencies and re-focus on creative competencies, using the Leadership Circle Profile instrument
  • 1-day ‘end-of-program’ Team ‘fast forward’ Retreat: repeat Team Diagnostic Assessment to measure and celebrate team progress and plan next steps


  • Celebrating team success and leveraging strengths
  • Identifying areas where the team wants to improve
  • Strengthening respect and trust
  • Engaging ‘essential conversations’ that deal constructively with the real issues and elephants in the room
  • Creating a compelling vision and ground for team collaboration
  • Visioning for future success
  • Building empowering skills in areas such as constructive dialogue, decision-making, accountability
  • Feedback and appreciation
  • Harvesting team wisdom from diverse perspectives
  • Creating the conditions for the team’s creative juices to flow
  • Challenging assumptions and practicing possibility thinking
  • Measurable results: a comparison report of the Team Diagnostic Assessment success factors identifying improvements made over the period